Home Selling Tips

There is no doubt selling a home is one of the most important decisions people do in life. For most it's there nest egg or retirement or biggest asset! I have a list of Home Selling Tips below to help maximize your profits and take the stress out of the selling process.

Tip 1 - Why are you selling?
It's very important to determine why you're selling? if your goal is to maximize your profit, that may change your strategy of investing time, energy and money into enhancing your home before placing it on the market. Versus a quick sale which would be a different approach all together.

Tip 2 - Personal Information
Negotiating the sale of your home will depend on why you're selling in the first place. Never pass along any information to the potential Buyer as to what your motivation is. As an example, if the buyer knows you need to relocate across the country, you're more motivated to sell quickly therefore will be forced to take a larger hit on the price point. This is a discussion you should have with your "listing" Realtor so they are on the same page as well.

Tip 3 - Preparing your home


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